Extraordinary Praise For The Power To Stop

Fran SpayneKaren, your all day workshop for Open Doors in Quincy last Saturday was FABULOUS!!! You did an outstanding job!! You have a wonderful presentation style, so engaging and you are such a wealth of information. Many of us had already read your book, “The Power to Stop” and just loved it. You have so much to offer the world. Keep it coming. THANK YOU!!!

Fran Spayne


Madan ManandharA very inspirational book to anyone who is struggling with self-destructive habits

This “The Power to Stop” by Karen Bentley is a great book and you need to read it. The reason is it is such as book is because it focuses on the doing, “the stopping,” is what makes this a convincing program. Practice does not make perfect; only purposeful practice makes perfect. To live by example, not just in thoughts and in words, but also in deeds is to live with complete purpose. The book contains a 30-day training program that could definitely be classified as a self-help workbook. The entire book, I found is extremely well-written and easy to understand; Karen uses personal stories and relevant examples for clarity.

What a great story teller Karen is! Whenever, I surf websites for a positive thinking and addiction related books in the internet, such as Amazon.com, every time, I come across at least one talking about this practical guide book. Is Ms. Karen Bentley all over the airwaves, or are her stories just re-telleble?

Karen’s book will surely change the perception of people towards the addicted. Understand more about addiction, more about addictive psychology, more about how to help these people to get deaddicted. It will also help parents/relatives/ wifes/ husbands / brother / sister to understand their addicted relative. Indeed, the power to stop needs very little advance preparation or additional costs.

With clarity and passion, she presents her ideas and provides an easy-to-follow framework that can be of benefit to anyone who struggles with self-destructive habits. This is truly a a friendly, practical and engaging plan of action for stopping self-destructive behavior. I found this book equally inspirational to people community living in the South Asian counties, like Nepal. Many kudos to Karen. Madan

Dr. Madan Manandhar, Kathmandu, Sept 27, 2014


Diederik WolsakKaren Bentley’s inspiring book, The Power to Stop, is just that: inspiring. What does the word inspiring mean? It implies that this is a book that shows a path to connection with Spirit. It is a book that tells me that without connecting to Spirit, without welcoming the Love within, there is no way to be free from limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behavior.

Karen Bentley’s life story is a demonstration of the fact that spirit heals. Ms. Bentley’s book gives the reader not only the blueprint for the journey to joy, it lays out the blueprint with infectious passion. If there be a healing message, what heals more than anything else is the sheer conviction of the one who delivers the message. It is conviction that jumps off every page of The Power to Stop. It is conviction which infuses every line with certainty. This conviction is the result of Knowing. Knowing is the result of deep introspection and the removal of barriers to Love. The only way to heal is to remove the barriers I have erected against Love.

In The Power to Stop, Karen Bentley brilliantly lays out a joyful and inspiring “how to.” Has she herself removed all barriers? No. She does not claim to be enlightened. She makes no claim of Guru status. She very lovingly suggests that she is on the path with you and that she Knows this path is transforming her life as it will yours. She has no doubt. And knowing this work and knowing the passion Karen brings to this work I, too, have no doubt.

Anyone who struggles with substance issues, anyone who uses food to punish himself, anyone whose self-sabotage prevents the experience of true joy, peace and love, will find that The Power to Stop is truly a gem. You have this little book in your hands now…make the decision. You can do it and, more importantly, you are worth it!

Diederik Wolsak, RPC, MPCP
Program Director
Choose Again Attitudinal Healing Centers
Costa Rica and Vancouver, BC


Revs. Deborah and Paul PhelpsFollowing any spiritual path or healing path needs one important component, the willingness to practice it. Talking about making changes in your life and actually making those changes are two different ideas. Here in this book Karen Bentley gives you easy, concrete steps to make the changes that become a testament to loving yourself whole-HEARTedly. Karen walks with you as one who has been there in the seemingly unstoppable behavior, an honest equal, who is now a loving guide who encourages you to be your authentic self as you release the chains that bind. The Power to Stop is within you. Embrace it, and it will embrace you.

Revs. Deborah and Paul Phelps
Founders, Miracles One Foundation Church


Rev. Tony PonticelloStop. Read this book, The Power to Stop. Dedicate yourself to a love-based 30-day program. What behaviors in your life do you need to stop? Drinking alcohol? Binge eating? Promiscuity and risky sex? You can stop and Karen Bentley will help you. Or should I say “Cairn” Bentley like those Scottish piles of rocks that tell you which way to go. Feeling guilty about your addictive past and wasted life opportunities? Stop. You don’t think you have “The Power to Stop.” Stop that thinking. You do have the power, and now you have the tools. You also have an experienced coach, Karen Bentley.

Rev. Tony Ponticello
Author, After Enlightenment
Co-founder, Community Miracles Center


Robert and Mary StoeltingThe Power to Stop is truly a treasure that will change your life. In this book Karen Bentley teaches ways to practice transcending the ego’s impulse to self-destruct. She shows you how to use your innate God-given power in the present moment to choose the Voice for God. We highly recommend this book!

Robert and Mary Stoelting
Co-founders of Pathways of Light


David Paul DoyleDeveloping a spiritual practice that can consistently restore us to the Truth is perhaps THE most important thing we can do in our lives. So many people are content with knowing wonderful spiritual sayings and truths. The problem is, understanding and believing the truth doesn’t really take us very far. Learning to integrate, choose and embody the Truth that we are in each moment is where the rubber meets the road, and that has nothing to do with belief.

The Power to Stop is designed to transform your spiritual understandings into a living reality. It’s well written, funny, engaging, effective and practical. If you’re truly ready to take the next step in living what you know to be True in your heart, now is the time to pick up this wonderful book and follow its instruction. If you do, I know your life will never be the same.

DavidPaul Doyle
Author, 5 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice
Co-founder, The Voice for Love


Lisa NatoliI love Karen Bentley. She glows. I am personally inspired by her beautiful example in helping people to access their power to stop any addictive behavior. This book is a miracle. Karen is upbeat, and this book is written in a fun way that really encouraged me to stick with the 30-day program. This book is a guide that can help anyone stop any out-of-control behavior, with some very simple practical tools to clear out the clutter in your head, in your life (and probably your fridge and cupboards, too.) This is a beautiful book that can change your life.

Lisa Natoli
Author, Gorgeous for God


Mary Beth ScaliceSign me up! I had the chance to read your work today and am motivated to begin a practice of refraining and not doing. I am a disciplined doer and love the idea of becoming a disciplined undoer. Your approach toward healing and addiction is organically solid, but I believe The Power to Stop holds a greater gift for living each day, the power of awareness and conscious choice. It reads like a recipe to end denial, the enemy of lovers of Truth.

I especially like that Spirit is an integral part of your solution. The references to Castaneda and ACIM evidence a thoughtfulness that will take your readers far beyond thirty days, (dare I say it?) into eternal mindscapes. The program promises a compelling mix of mysticism, shamanism, practicality, metaphysics, Love, big-hearted zeal and chicken soup: gifts and lessons for the soul that truly desires freedom.

If anyone can make “stop” appealing, it’s you dear Karen, master of abstinence and lover of the fullness of the unfettered life. I am determined to go stop now. I mean to stop going now…

MaryBeth Scalice, MA, EdD
Author, The Love of Your Life: The Jesse and Lily Intimacies Volume 1


Rev. Myron JonesFinally, a book that offers a quick and effective way to stop those destructive behavior patterns we all struggle with. I know. Other books have made this claim, but The Power to Stop really delivers! Imagine being able to master that lifelong behavior in only 30 days! The instructions to accomplish this marvelous feat are simple yet powerful, combining basic psychology with profound spiritual wisdom.

The Power to Stop is the book you have always hoped to find, and you will want to buy several copies to share with friends and family. I’m making my list of lucky recipients right now.

Rev. Myron Jones
Author, Healing Family Relationships and Hey, Holy Spirit, It’s Me Again
Pathways of Light Minister


Suzanne ZoglioAnyone who wants renewed hope and specific, how-to guidance on changing a habit will benefit from this book. The Power to Stop is affirming and uplifting…like a visit with a dear friend.

Suzanne Zoglio, PhD
Author, Create A Life that Tickles Your Soul and Recharge In Minutes
Motivational Speaker, Writer, Coach


Robert PerryA truly creative, one-of-a-kind application of the principles of A Course In Miracles. This very specific 30-dayprogram defies all our expectations for how to gain control of addictive behaviors. Karen affirms our power, tells us to use it, not to manifest our dreams but to stop. She extols self-love and refuses to motivate with guilt, yet guides us to say no to even culturally approved self-indulgence. She praises the innate spirit within us, yet has us express that spirit by refusing our ego in ways we’ve been told simply can’t be done. People often ask me how to deal with their addictions in a way that reflects A Course In Miracles. Aside from pointing them to certain sections, I haven’t had much to say. Now I can point to this book.

Robert Perry
Founder, Circle of Atonement


Jon MundySimply put, “the ego is not the Self.” Thinking that something which is not of God can have power over us, leads us down an unpleasant path of despair. Karen Bentley’s new book, The Power to Stop is a potent tool in helping us to bring an end to insane ego thinking, choose once again and follow God’s plan for salvation.

Jon Mundy, PhD
Author, Living A Course In Miracles
Publisher, Miracles Magazine


Sharon SherrardIn The Power to Stop we are gently reminded of the Light of Christ within each of us. Karen Bentley walks with us on our loving kindness quest to our spiritual destination and we become witnesses to her conversations with the Voice of the Holy Spirit, and feel the guidance of her mighty companions, our brothers Carlos Castaneda and Jesus.

In reading Karen’s words I am reminded of one of my favorite passages in A Course In Miracles: “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety. Patience is natural to the teacher of God. All he sees is certain outcome, at a time perhaps unknown to him as yet, but not in doubt.”

So no matter how many 30-day journeys we may take… as we allow Karen to take us on this journey remember to be patient, gentle and…trust! Know the outcome is certain and will lead us to our Christ-self.

Sharon Sherrard
Co-founder, A Center For Inner Peace


Steve Thompson, ACIM StudentBeing sick and tired of feeling like a victim all the time really does wear us down, and why does it always seem that we get the booby prize in life? Well, after reading this book the only booby prize is if you don’t follow it through to the end! The Power to Stop really did show me that it is just what your right mind has been waiting for. A 30-day powerful program to claiming your power back. This book shows that Karen’s many valuable lessons in life were all for this very purpose to come up with a totally brilliant new approach to an age old thought system of old, old ego habits and beliefs that still run our life today. With this fresh and essential new tool kit added to your arsenal, a more peaceful and joyful journey I believe is guaranteed. Well done sister.

Steve Thompson
ACIM Student


Joe WolfeMuch applause for Karen Bentley’s The Power to Stop. Having been a long-time advocate of the application of spiritual discipline as taught in A Course In Miracles, The Power to Stop offers anyone an introduction into the powerful life-changing benefits when the choice is made to change perception.

I was very honestly impressed with your work. The world needs more like you. Bravo Karen!

Joe Wolfe
Author, The End of Reincarnation with the Five Signs and Letter To A Prisoner
Founder of Spirit Light Outreach


Steve HarrisonKaren Bentley is one of my author clients with a big heart and a powerful, inspiring message. She brings much-needed hope to anyone who thinks they can’t end a behavior which has become a bad habit or destructive addiction.

Steve Harrison
RADIO-TV INTERVIEW REPORT, the magazine producers read to find guests


ACIM is a gift for all mankind, a gift that can be applied to all the challenges of life. The Course can be summarized as a three-step forgiveness process where one faces the wrong-minded situation, recalls our perfection as the Perfect Child of God that we are; and then turns the situation over to the Holy Spirit with no strings attached.

Karen Bentley has given us a wonderful book to help us stop out-of-control behavior based on this forgiveness process and has done so in easy-to-follow plain language.

Bob LeRoy
President, Open Doors Classroom for the Universal Course


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