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KB-Face-June13Karen Bentley is a bestselling author, educator, and the world’s only stopping Sherpa.  She’s also the founder of The Sugar-Free Institute and the creator of The Sugar-Free Miracle™ Diet, an easy weight loss program that stops out-of-control eating.  For more information, please visit Karen Bentley’s other websites: www.karenbentley.com and www.sugarfreemiracle.com.

Your stopping Sherpa

If you wish to know the road up the mountain, ask the man who goes back and forth on it.
The Gospel According to Zen

Sherpa’s prepare the way and make a difficult passage more navigable for others. They prevent mistakes and hasten a recovery when mistakes crop up. They get people unstuck and keep them moving until the goal is achieved. They prepare for every contingency. By walking the stopping mountain with me every day and by following in my footsteps, you’ll learn how to get a stopping result and hold it. Karen Bentley shows you where to plant your feet, how to hold your heart, where to set your sights. She is your stopping Sherpa.

Karen Bentley, Your Stopping Sherpa

A song in the heart that must be sung!

“When I was younger I was constantly searching for a stopping solution for myself,” says Karen Bentley. “I attended seminars. I went to meetings. I read hundreds of self-help books and articles. I listened to psychologists, psychiatrists, and other experts. I got counseling. I went to a hypnotist. I cruised into a few AA and OA meetings and heard lots of testimonials. I even went to a hands-on healer. Bits and pieces were helpful, but nothing was quite right for me.

The Power to Stop is the uncompromisingly love-based message that I personally most wanted to hear, but could not find anywhere else except inside myself. It’s with great joy and humble service that I share it with the world.”

Everything else

Bentley is a wife, a mother, a grandmother and a dog mother to three basset hounds. She lives in the Lakes Region of NewHampshire, the live free or die state, with her husband and dog family. Formerly, she was co-founder of a consulting company and host of her own radio show. Bentley aspires to have a pennies from heaven faerie garden for sick and sad children and to be the Guinness Record holder for the world’s largest collection of heart objects, each one symbolizing love.


The Power to Stop is a tool for spiritual recovery, substance abuse self-help, food addiction self help and do-it-yourself rehab. The Power to Stop is not a 12-step program and advocates stopping as a fundamental life skill to be learned rather than as a disease to be cured.



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