The Power To Stop

The Power to Stop ends substance abuse, food addiction and other unwanted behaviors. Whether you call it spiritual recovery, substance abuse self-help, food addiction self-help or do-it-yourself rehab, The Power to Stop delivers the desired stopping result. The Power to Stop is not a 12-step program and advocates stopping as a fundamental life skill set to be learned rather than as a disease to be cured.

The Power to Stop  teaches four practical, simple, results-oriented stopping skills.  Only you can stop yourself, and so you must learn the four essential skills so that you can do it by youself for yourself. Everything you need to know and do is provided, and it’s all accomplished in just 30 days.

The Power to Stop works for all unwanted behaviors, including:

Out-of-control eating
Out-of-control drinking
Use of tobacco products
Use of drugs
Mindless sexing
Anything else

The Power to Stop book is available in hardcover and Kindle format from Amazon.  Hardcover version is $13.20 plus postage.  Kindle version is $9.99.  Resellers offer copies for even less.

Today could be the day you stop wasting your life and start saving it.

Big love,
Karen Bentley

“Your daily life is your temple and your religion.
When you enter into it take with you your all.”
Kahlil Gibran

Spiritual recovery
Substance abuse self-help
Food addiction self-help
Do-it-yourself rehab


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